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desetxo 206 released 29.8.2016

Live Zarata Fest book launch, Larraskito, Bilbao, 13 August 2016
Thanks to Elena Aitzkoa,Xedh and Kakofunk

desetxo 205 released 29.8.2016

Live at Txiringuito de Ereaga, Algorta, 12 August 2016

desetxo 204 released 29.8.2016

Live at Txiringuito de Ereaga, Algorta, 12 August 2016
Thanks to Gontzal, Kau and L'ENSEMBLE

desetxo 203
released 29.8.2016

Live at Counterflows Festival 2016, NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow, 9 April 2016
Billy Bao's concert at Counterflows Festival, Glasgow, 9 April 2016. Chelpa Ferro played before and Sensational after.

Billy Bao wanted to present their recent LP "Lagos Sessions" and invited Mark Ido and Emeka Ogboh who participated on the LP to come to Glasgow
but they could not come because of visa problems (UK is not part of the Schengen area, making it very difficult for Nigerians residing in other parts of Europe to enter the UK).
In order to still have a connection to Lagos in the concert, Billy Bao asked Emeka Ogboh for a playlist of naija pop which Mark Harwood mixed during and after the concert.

Thanks to Emeka Ogboh, Isabel, Alasdair Campbell, Fielding Hope and Mark Harwood.

desetxo 202
released 29.8.2016

Live at Zarata Fest 2015, Hika Ateneo, Bilbao, 19 December 2015


desetxo 201
released 29.8.2016

Live Cortes 29, Bilbao, 5 de julio 2005
Thanks to MEM

desetxo 200
released 15.4.2015


I Found My Way


In the video, I use my voice as an existential strategy that allows me
to survive in a city that I don't recognize as mine. Led by the
acoustics of the places that I encounter in my wandering, I end up
silent in an empty building. My voice has the double function of
1) making me discovering the acoustic response of the city and
2) sustaining my own presence which is already undermined by the impact
with the metropolis.



desetxo 199
released 6.4.2015

THAT'S WHAT WE BECOME Alessandra Eramo

1) Pfvierzsigche Menschen Sein
voice, dictaphone
Pronouncing the two consonats “pf” in German fascinates me, it's a broken surface, it destabilizes my self-
confidence in speaking, because “pf” offers to me a wide spectrum of possible mistakes, so it creates absurd
word confusions such as “vierzig” (forty) and “pfirsich” (peach).
So, that's what I/we become: forty-peach-humans.

2) Trolley Trolleys
voice, field recordings, harmonica
Walking back home after a concert I played in Berlin, carrying my hard case trolley with me, a funny sonic
accident happened: the tape recorder in the trolley started to record by itself.
Back in the studio, I realized that there was this amazing new recording on the tape but I couldn't figure out
where it came from. After listening to it over and over again, the mistery was revealed!
So, that's what I/we become: a breathing machine trying to come out from the dark.

3) Construction Site in Lisbon's City Centre, Human-Seagull, Tejo River
voice, field recordings
While walking down the beautiful streets of Lisboa's city center, my attention was captured by a very loud
sound of a deep drone from a construction site. There was some real estate action happening – a tangible sign
of the famous crisis of South Europe. So I recorded that noise and I imagined to be a seagull trapped in a
huge concrete building, trying to escape, and finally reaching the freedom and the peace by the waves of the
Tejo River. So, that's what I/we become: through singing, a seagull.

desetxo 198
released 17.2.2015

MATERIA OSCURA (2014, 10')


desetxo 197 released 15.2.2015


Legion of Swine
February 2015


desetxo 196
released 15.2.2015

Ray Brassier & Mattin

Non-idiomatic Improvisation

Guitar and drums
recorded on the 5th of November 2014

AUB Gallery, Beirut

Thanks to Octavian Esanu and Anzhela Harutyunyan.


desetxo 195
released 4.2.2015






desetxo 194 released 3.2.2015

"INTERVIEW" (A. Karpenter, 2015) es una idea conjunta llevada a cabo por
Mattin y Al Karpenter, al quedar ambos -junto con Dan Lucka, Oier
Iruretagoiena y Loty Negarti- para improvisar una tarde en el templo del
"bilbo underground", Larraskito, Bilbao. Mattin tenía los micros para
hacer una "entrevista"; Al llevaba esa tarde consigo una cámara de
móvil... El resto de la historia continúa en este mediometraje
perpetrado a la mayor gloria de una improvisación sonora como la que
tuvo lugar entre los protagonistas de la misma.


desetxo 193
released 1.11.2013

(Ibon RG -ahotsa/voice- & Loty Negarti -elektronika/electronics-)
Live at Sentinel 24/10/2013 (Maurirentzat)

desetxo 192 released 3.3.2012

Héctor Rey

desetxo 191 released 1.2.2012
Miguel A. Garcia
Little Fish

desetxo 190 released 20.12.2011

David Roden
Noise Gate

desetxo 189
released 19.11.2011 supercollider code: copy, paste code and activate it

//JOAQUIN LANA. Seventy-two characters for twenty-four hours #1


desetxo 188
released 3.11.2011

Oier Iruretagoiena - Installation - 26 october 2011 - 19:00-21:00 - Bergmannstrasse 10, Bregenz, Austria.

desetxo 187
released 8.9.2011

Vore - Zombi

Joaquin Lana - homemade mics + SuperCollider
Roberto Mallo - cracked everyday electronics


desetxo 186
released 8.9.2011

Julien Skrobek
Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

This is a single recorded live in Reims on September the 6th.
12 sound systems are each playing a track from Britney Spear's latest album at
full volume. This means that in 3'52'' minutes you have listened to the
whole album in a compressed form. The French lady says:
'Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to listen to Britney Spear's latest effort. I
remind you that Miss Spears' work is protected by copyright so no
copies will be distributed after the listening session,
as to avoid any digital leaks'

desetxo 185 released 23.3.2010

a r t i s t : Ponzonia & D.Rio

t i t l e : Split

d a t e : 2010

t r a c k s : 5

b i t r a t e : OGG

c o n t a c t :





01. Ayudame a obtener el fruto espiritual que tu pretendes con esta enfermedad que me has enviado (00:02:21)

02. El paso de la montania entre sus entranas (00:06:53)

03. El destino seguia nuestra pista como un loco con navaja afilada (00:03:04)

04. Margaret Chan (00:00:53)

05. No lograran atravesar su vientre (00:05:18)



desetxo 184
released 29.1.2010

Mattin & Taku Unami

Distributing Vulnerability to The Affective Classes

"When can one feel this activation of the space taking effect?
When there is a dense atmosphere which makes you aware that something
important is at stake. As there are no predetermined categories or
words to describe this experience, what is at stake is very difficult
to articulate. Because of the difficulties to assimilate it or to
immediately understand it, this AFFECTIVE strangeness counters the
normalization process. When this dense atmosphere is produced, the
people involved become painfully aware of their social position and
usual behavior. If the density of the atmosphere is sufficient it can
become physical, disturbing our senses and producing strange feelings
in our bodies. Through SUCH A MULTI SENSORIAL disruption in the
appearance of neutrality, one gets the sense of being in a strange
place - not really knowing where to stand. WE BECOME VULNERABLE. Every
movement or word becomes significant. What is created is not a unified
sense of space or time, but a hererotopia where one location contains
different spaces and temporalities. Previous hierarchies and
established organizations of space are exposed. The traditional time of
the performance and distribution of attention (the audience's
respectful behavior towards the performers etc.) is left behind. If one
hierarchies could be diffused, not to give a false sense of equality,
but to produce alternative social relations of time and space. THE

Live at Rigoletto, Paris

14 December 2009

Thanks to Julien Skrobek & Howard Slater

Mastered by Taku Unami


Review of the concert by Julien Skrobek

desetxo 183
released 20.12.2009

Miguel Prado & Julien Skrobek

desetxo 182
released 11.10.2009


desetxo 181
released 10.9.2009

Iker Ormazabal
Digital Responses to Violence

desetxo 180 released 19.8.2009

Juan Prieto & Xedh

desetxo 179 released 7.7.2009

olaf hochherz

trying to listen but

this recording is not a piece I made. I was sitting in my apartment,

trying to listen to a "record". a processed recording which was

published on cd and later put on-line by the author. but I was thinking

that the relation between active and passive has to be mixed up further.

the idea of an audience which is actively listening is not enough. but

still music makes no sense for an audience just like that. the aim of

the listener must still be to develop forms of usage.

i was listening to:

May 2006 Radu Malfatti / Mattin: Going Fragile CD Formed Records (USA)

mattin: "is recording your listening an active way of listening, or is

it trying to pose new questions, regarding authorship, and the context

in which one listens to music?".

recording my listening is an active way of not listening, and it is

trying to pose the context in which one is in music. this music made me

entertain myself by playing with cups next to my ears/microphones. maybe

a poor form of usage.

desetxo 178 released 12.6.2009




JP NYC 6.10.09

for as many voices as possible

for Y.O.
6.11.09  nyc

desetxo 177 released 7.4.2009

Lorenzo Senni

excerpts of Live real-time improvisation
no overdubs

desetxo 176
released 24.3.2009

Bryan Eubanks & Mattin (+ Eric Angles, Ilya Lipkin, Richard Kamerman, Ben Owen, Barry Weisblat...)
The American Nightmare Does Not Exist
Live at listen/Space, Williamsburg 22 March 2009
Thanks to the poeple who participated and to the organisers

desetxo 175 released 24.3.2009

Kurt Gottschalk A Day in The Night

desetxo 174
released 7.2.2009

Press Release by Karin Schneider
Sound by Mattin

This video was supposed to be the actual press release of the exhibition:

Space of the Work and the Place of the Object

January 11 - March 22,

Sculpture Center

Long Island City, New York


desetxo 173 released 1.2.2009

Julien Skrobek

desetxo 172
released 3.12.2008

Julien Skrobek
Salle Des Ordinateurs

desetxo 171 released 1.11.2008


Loty Negarti (
Recorded by Xedh in the live performance at Club Larraskito
(Bilbao) 2008-09-21

Improvisation with cheap common objects and the own body...

Thanks to Miguel A. Garcia, Elena Aizkoa & Esther Ferrer

Los sonidos tal como son ellos mismos, dependen fuertemente del contexto directo, de la relacion con el espacio en el que esta el actor (quien los genera y manipula) y de las propiedades fisicas definen a estos. La improvisacion libre en este sentido esta totalmente atada a la situacion directa, al marco dentro de los limites del cual esta ocurriendo la accion. El 'performer' no puede escapar de esa relacion directa y material con el instrumento y el espacio. Si puede hacerlo, sin embargo, la audiencia que no es definible en terminos de la situacion espacial directa. La grabacion o la retransmision expanden sus posibilidades. Pero la grabacion es problematica si estamos pensando en 'los sonidos en si mismos' ligados a las causas, por asi decirlo, o propiedades materiales que los determinan. La grabacion de la accion directa improvisada libremente introduce una serie de pantallas o capas que desbibujan la temperatura y la intensidad del momento. Pero la reconversion en 'archivo' del evento es interesante como elemento en la memoria-obra para situar en un mapa de trabajo las piezas. Esta pieza de archivo trata de poner los sonidos 'tal y como son' pero sabiendo de la imposibilidad de que 'aparezcan como aparecieron'.

Sounds as they are by themselves, they are strongly dependent on the direct context, they are dependent on the space where the agent is (who is generating and manipulating them) and on the physical properties wich are defining that sounds. The free improvisation in this sense is completely tied to the direct situation, to the frame within its limits the action is taking place. The performer can't escape from this direct and material relation with the instrument and the space. However, the audience can escape from the direct performing situation because it is not definable in terms of the direct spatial situation. The recording and retransmission expand its possibilities. The recording is problematic if we are thinking in 'the sounds by themselves' linked to the causes or material properties which are determining them. The record of the free improvised action introduces some screen or layers which are destroying the temperature and the intensity of the moment. But the reconversion of the event into an 'archive' is interesting as an element in the work-memory, in order to situate the pieces in a work map. This archive piece is trying to put the sounds 'as they are' but being aware of the impossibility of 'appearing the way they once appeared'.


desetxo 170 released 20.10.2008

Pablo Sanz

Ruidos Adventicios (2005)

estertor sibilante
sollozo cavernoso

desetxo 169 released 20.10.2008

Cabrera Bernal

a Hitchcock

8 Transferred to mini DV

and b/w


Ordered in rounds, following a boxing match's structure, the film  
redirects the spectator's eye placing it on a territory of self-
confrontation by being questioned from the screen itself, forcing it  
and its gaze to be the only centres of content.

desetxo 168 released 29.8.2008

Alexei Borisov: electronics, tapes, objects, voice
saMMan: prepared guitar, electronics, objects
recorded in Berlin, March 2008


desetxo 167 released 18.6.2008


desetxo 166
released 18.6.2008


desetxo 165 released 1.4.2008

Maxim Kiritchenko is a Ukrainian audio and graphic artist and dada poet based in Kharkiv. He's been recording under the moniker Niekto since 2001. "Interior" is a collection of pieces made by him and his guests Feodor Monastirenko, Alexander Pedas, Alexander Bozhko, and Pyotr Krishtop, in 2001-2003. You can contact the artist at:

desetxo 164 released 26.3.2008



guitarra + pedal de eco + grabadora de cinta -> mesa  
(9/2/08, Neukölln)

desetxo 163 released 26.3.2008

GEN 26 "Ni Me Tu"

1. Ni

2. Me

3. Tu

4. Tray - Live (excerpt)

5. Spoon - Live (excerpt)

6. Spoon - Live (excerpt)

Kitchen fork+knife used as a sound source on tracks 1-3.

Tray+spoon used as a sound source on tracks 4-6.

Tracks 1-3 recorded in 2006 & edited in 2007+2008.

Track 4 recorded live in MC Sevnica on 26.01.2008.

Tracks 5 and 6 recorded live in PostGarage on 30.01.2008.

No copyright. No bullshit.

Gen 26 is Matjaz Galicic.


desetxo 162 released 19.3.2008


grabado en directo el 1 de julio del 2006 en el l'mono de bilbo 

is the project of alberto l. martin (ex-menber of basque bands like la
secta, yogur and atom rhumba and drummer in billy bao) and jon imbernon
(ex-menber of basque bands like fallen, le noise and ximel and guitar
player with miss toll) both have created this duo with the idea of to
mix their different backgrounds and to experiment with the most extreme
noise-rock and minimalist sounds taking them to the extreme exploring
other ways and posibilities

aldez aurretik la secta, yogur edota atom rhumba taldeetan partxeak
astintzen ibilitako alberto l. marin-ek eta ximel, fallen eta le
noise-ren taldekide izandako jon imbernon-ek (gaur egun miss toll-en)
osatzen duten proiektua da. Bikote musikal honek noise-rock
zaratatsuena, doinu minimalista eta anbientalak adiskide dutela
esperimentaziorik erradikalenean murgiltzera gonbidatzen du entzulea.
Talde bilbotarra dugu eta expresio bide ezberdin eta berritzaileei ez
diete uko egiten.

es la banda formada por alberto l. martin (ex-bateria de bandas como la
secta ,yogur o atom rhumba y actual bateria de billy bao) y jon
imbernon (ex-miembro de bandas como fallen ,le noise o ximel y
actualmente tambien guitarrista de miss toll) ,este duo (no cerrado a
colaboraciones externas) parte del noise-rock mas retorcido (cuando
este deja de ser 'rock') y del ambient de expresion mas minimalista
(tanto electronico como acustico), anadiendo una dosis de contundencia
y visceralidad y con la intencion de buscar nuevos recursos y explorar
nuevas vias de expresion. tanto alberto como jon provienen de muy
diferentes escenas musicales lo cual hace de este proyecto algo
tremendamente excitante e enriquecedor para ambos.

desetxo 161 released 19.3.2008

anthony magen
dripping # 6

field recording done japan

35° 42' 19 N 139° 41' 17 E

anthony magen

desetxo 160 released 11.3.2008

Jack Wright, Grundik Kasyansky - "Chinese Nightingale/First Meeting"

Chinese Nightingale 1 - 4:32
Chinese Nightingale 2 - 12.00
Chinese Nightingale 3 - 8:38
Chinese Nightingale 4 - 3:50
First Meeting- 26:43

Jack and I first played in December 2006. He and his saxophones arrived in our New
York apartment early one Saturday afternoon and very soon I found
myself involved in a super intense, almost unbearable set, which I recorded
("the first meeting piece"). Since then we played a few times in duet and in
different groupings in New York and Philadelphia. In October 2007 Jack came to
London. I had moved to UK about two months before and had rented a
small flat in Clapham South. Jack was in the early stage of his latest Europe
tour, while I was recovering after the long intercontinental move. My
electronic setup was recovering from the move too, so I decided to use small
acoustic objects instead (a bunch of brushes, music boxes, pencil shaper,
grains, leaves and a boiled egg). Barbara – Jack's wife – who witnessed this
session, suggested that the music we played could serve as a soundtrack
for Jan Svankmajer animations. I am not sure about it, I like his original
soundtracks, but I think the music we played was funny. Somehow it resonated
in me with the famous Max Ernst collage, so I proposed to call these
recordings "The Chinese Nightingale".

grundik kasyansky, london, march 2008

Jack Wright - saxophones
Grundik Kasyansky - objects (chinese nightingale), feedback synthesizer (first meeting)

desetxo 159 released 11.3.2008

Francois Martig and Aymeric de Tapol

Live at MAMCS Strasbourg


desetxo 158
released 17.2.2008

julien skrobek - membra disjecta

paris january 8 2008
guitars + tambourine + harmonica + microphone feedback
processed through audacity / debian

desetxo 157 released 7.2.2008


played & recorded by Arnaud Riviere


desetxo 156
released 3.2.2008

larraskito jam band

Larraskitu Jam Band
"La improbabilidad del oasis conjunto"

Directed by Txesus Garate "Tzesne"

Camera by Imma Paralux

Cast (in order of aparition):
Patrick Layley as "Sergei Petrov"
Jokim Inaki Etcheverria as "Mr Jok"
Jon Mantzisidor as himself
Terriri Flor as "Kakofunk"
Daniel Llaria as himself
Marianela Leon as herself
Carlos Valverde as "Raven of thy bleak skies"
Enrike Hurtado as "Bazterrak"
Miguel A. García as "Xedh"
Edorta Izarzugaza as himself

Special thnx to Mattin & Eddie Prevost
Dark ambient courtesy of Carlos

desetxo 155
released 3.2.2008

Rosso Merda

desetxo 154
released 11.12.2007
Dead News

Videos (mpg format):






Music Concrete

No Mashya Bozwa


Killer CAT


Spy Vs. Spy


Ode to Yngwie

Grunewald, Weichselbaum, Finkelstein & Ziolkowsky
Video and audio field recordings: Weichselbaum und Ziolkowsky
Video edits: Ziolokowsky und Finkelstein
Music: Grunewald und Finkelstein

desetxo 153 released 10.12.2007
Taku Unami
at ZAA, Abject Music in Berlin

3 November 2007

desetxo 152 released 24.11.2007

PIERRE // [summertime]

dedicated to Doctor Flas

desetxo 151 released 23.11.2007
live at Abject Music Berlin
ZAA, 3 November 2007

desetxo 150 released 23.11.2007

Video live at Abject Music Berlin
ZAA, 3 November 2007
desetxo149 released 22.11.2007
Pregnant Testicles
Video live
Recorded by Patricia Pin
16 November 2007
Feestsaal Kreuzberg
Marcelo Aguirre
Miguel Prado

released 19.11.2007

Romaric Sobac
Survet Musulemans (swing manouche)
21 October 2007, Live "Galerie" de la Miroiterie

desetxo147 released 19.11.2007
The Drill Band 

released 8.10.2007

Miguel Prado Ermo

Grabado por Roberto Mallo.

desetxo145 released 12.8.2007

Karpenters Kut
desetxo144 released 24.7.2007
Ivan Seal

desetxo143 released 12.7.2007

-381 ep-

3 free improv tracks, guitar solo recordings with alternative tunings

leandro ramirez
enero 2007, buenos aires, argentina

desetxo142 released 19.6.2007

Nest / Tim Coster "Track 02"

Recorded at the Wine Cellar, Auckland NZ, August 2006.

Andrew Scott (guitar ++)
Nigel Wright (laptop, samples)
Tim Coster (laptop, samples)

nest =
tim =

desetxo141 released 4.6.2007
congestion nasale 2, 3, 5
desetxo140 released 4.6.2007  
	1- nube de pelea 
2-el ritual del humo
odolura [at] terra [dot] es

released 4.6.2007
aymeric mansoux alessandra (7351-adjcd edit)

released 4.6.2007
David Papapostolou 21mai

As a caption: Recorded at home in Bristol, using many small
objects, contact mics, a mixing desk and some effects.
desetxo137 released 4.6.2007 
Valvula Antirretorno segunda masa lunar inerte

desetxo136 released 4.6.2007
walthamsow marshes nature reserve.ogg

released 26.4.2007

kakofunk [at] yahoo [dot] com

track names:
1 Satan's Love
2 Fear
3 03or6asm0
4 Miracle
5 Kruje

desetxo134 released 24.4.2007


track name: manualingenierafantastica1

desetxo133 released 24.4.2007

John Lennon & Fuckhead

track name: Working Class Fuckhead

desetxo132 released 24.4.2007
 Edorta Izarzugaza,Kakofunk, Tusuri & Xedh
track name: Cafe Flesh
desetxo131 released 2.4.2007
 Olaf Hochherz,Tim Blechmann & Mattin
track name: Post LAC Track
Recorded in Kreuzberg on the 26th of March 2007
desetxo130 released 1.4.2007
track name:LIMIAR
Pablo Rega: electronic devices
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: turntable
Recorded in Barcelona in january 2007
desetxo129 released 1.4.2007
track name:Bi Dimensional.

desetxo128 released 28.3.2007
 GPV-C   w/ The Clipse and E. Castro
track name:The Lumpen Proletarian of Noise
gerk276 [at] yahoo [dot] com

desetxo127 released 27.3.2007

 Henrik Andersson & Niklas Korsell
track name:Marx Variations 2

From the project The Marx Bass,
by Henrik Andersson

desetxo126 released 22.3.2007


desetxo125 22.3.2007

1-UBUNG A.ogg


desetxo124 6.3.2007



desetxo123 1.3.2007


Mystic Mystic Fields

recorded & mixed by xavier dubois and yannick franck /// 2007

thanks to jean dl and social fashion records / tomas korber / phil maggi

--- spread the ritual illumination ---


desetxo122 27.2.2007

Thelmo Cristovam - Field Recordings # 04

01:01:43,304 / 23, august, 2006 / Morning.

Field Recordings Series Produced at Mamori Art Lab Workshops.

Pure/raw field recordings made around Mamori lake, Brazilian Amazon
Forest, during Francisco Lopéz's workshop
"natural and virtual sound ambients: the "real" world as a source of
sonic creations"
at Malab 2006, organized by Asier Gogortza, Jordi Llorella and Nacho
Martí, august 2006.

Thanks to: Juliana Freitas, Lindenberg Munroe, Tulipa Ruiz,
Asier Gogortza, Jordi Llorella, Nacho Martí, Gerson, Francisco Lopéz,
James Webb, Aernoudt Jacobs, Raoni, Adilia and Curupira.

desetxo121 26.2.2007

NAFJA Live at The Nest (10:28)
LF: samples, processing, mix

Recorded and mixed on Tascam 4-track cassette recorder

Source: approx. 5 seconds of audience sounds and incidental noises by The
North American Free Jazz Agreement, live at The Nest Lofts, Bridgeport, CT,
October 2006

NAFJA is Loy Fankbonner and Keith Rodgerson

Contact: azuldiscografica[at]gmail[dot]com

desetxo120 26.2.2007

Iban Urizar


desetxo119 10.2.2007


Sascha Demand: e-Gitarre
Chris Heenan: Kontrabassklarinette, Altsaxophon

Michael Vorfeld: Perkussion
Hannes Wienert: Saxophone, Trompete, Trompsax, Schläuche, Sheng

Recorded at Christianskirche, Hamburg Altona, 2006
Mastering by Jürgen Hall, Hamburg, January 2007

desetxo118 10.2.2007

Baba Llaga Radio Carne

desetxo 17 released 07.01.2007

Marcelo Aguirre


joel stern and lloyd barrett - dance/floor..
failed dance experiment tuesday 23rd january 2007 brisbane

artist site -
film -
sound -
blog -

joel stern, po box 5392, west end, qld, australia 4101


Rolf-Erik Nystrøm+Sun Mengjin+Torturing Nurse 4live 2006.12.06

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm:sax Sun Mengjin:voice Youki:laptop Junky:turntable/voice
recorded at 4 live on 2006.12.06
mixed & mastered by Terence Lloren

Antoine Chessex DemoDemolition


Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä
Specialized Literature on Microsurgery


IBON Sunday Morning


Joseba Irazoki-DO- Belardian
jonddo27 [ at ] hotmail [ dot ] com

burried machine
scab eater

"scab eater" taken from the forth coming release "austin"




Call me Snake

Illusion Exploder
nollaigdestroyer [at] gmail [dot] com




Novi_sad everything looks better beside water


Live at Fourth Floor, Tokyo
Quartet at Fourth Floor, Tokyo

Utah Kawasaki : guitar
Hirozumi Takeda : guitar
Yasuo Totsuka : rhythm machine
Takefumi Naoshima : mixing board



Live at Loop-Line, Tokyo

Trio at Loop-Line, Tokyo

Toshihiro Koike : trombone
Yasuo Totsuka : rhythm machine
Takefumi Naoshima : mixing board

Utah Kawasaki
Toshihiro Koike
Yasuo Totsuka
Takefumi Naoshima

desetxo 103 released 08.11.2006



Ibon Errazkin & Pez
desetxo102 5.11.2006
The Rebel

Jazz Heaven
Kissing and Touching The Void Hem Of The Cloth
Chronic Bellyache

desetxo101 5.11.2006
The Devil The Throne

desetxo100 5.11.2006
Sounds Like Station Bright Green Concept Meets Red Variety

desetxo99 29.10.2006
Bittor Ruiz de Azúa What if you never come down
lieberhonig [at] gmail [dot] com

 desetxo98 16.10.2006
Jeff Perkins
Cemetery Poem
God the Masturbator
Monday 3:30am
My Darling Dollar
Starring Myself for Sale
Subway Bum
Subway Poems
The Cooker
The Illustrious 6th Patriarch
The Mother of a Thousand Lifes
Thursday 29th July
To Escape Gravity
Two Pigeons
Unfree Guaranty
You Know What Really Pisses Me Off
desetxo97 3.10.2006
Romaric Sobac

desetxo96 25.9.2006
desetxo 96 released 25.09.2006

"Plastic World's Genocide"

inigoeguillor [at] hotmail [dot] com

 desetxo95 25.9.2006
Antony Milton stroke_3_dash_fiftyfour.ogg
desetxo94 21.9.2006
made with the voice and poetry of Jon Benito
ibonrg [at] gmail [dot] com

desetxo 93 released 20.09.2006

Recorded at Little Theater Ye (Seul, Korea) 8th Jul 2006
Joe Foster electronics trumpet
Ruy Hankil broken clocks
Choi Joonyong cd player
Jin Sangtae comp, etc
Hong Chulki turntable
Unami Taku comp
Mattin comp, p
recorded by Sato Yukie

desetxo92 19.9.2006
Horse Feed short
desetxo91 22.8.2006

belagileari su

recorded live at Belagilea (Urdiñarbe, zuberoa) 2005-11-5.

xabier erkizia & iñigo telletxea

thanks: kristian aduriz, belagileako jendea eta bertan izan ginen gainerako musikariak.

desetxo 90 released 22.08.2006


recorded live at theater Ye (Seul) 7th July 2006
choi joonyong : cdplayers, hong chulki : turntable

recorded by jin sangtae
  desetxo89 14.8.2006 Josetxo Grieta video live at Ekruetos, Donostia Arteleku 11th August 2006 click here (Video by Blanca Oraa) desetxo88 28.7.2006 kiktsune 7 alt sax : tokunaga masahide guitar : taku unami desetxo87 18.7.2006 Reissue Ferran Fages, Ruth Barberan & Alfredo Costa Monteiro Nantes Excerpt recorded at “le cinématographe” during the festival All’improvista by Anthony Taillard and John Morin 11 june 2005, Nantes Ruth Barberán: trumpet Ferran Fages: acoustic turntable Alfredo Costa Monteiro: accordion thanks to mattin
desetxo86 13.6.2006 smaa hender : swerve (australia) and inge olmheim (norway) recorded at UTS studios sydney 2005 - 2 x destroyed monitors are only other evidence of this recording. 17-11to19-37 34-51to37-12 46-03to47-15 desetxo85 13.6.2006 XEDH NO PITO LISTO desetxo84 13.6.2006 KYLIE MINOISE LIVE AKTION 35 ZURICH desetxo83 2.6.2006 desetxo82 2.6.2006 We're Breaking Up Two tracks created with minimum compression rate. Let's end the tyrrany of broadband! Freedom to Dial-Up! 1. You Make Something Special With Your Heart recorded and encoded 2006. 9mins5secs = 824kb 2. Read-Thru recorded 2004 and encoded 2006. 9mins30secs = 862kb michael [at] twothousandand [dot] com desetxo81 9.5.2006 Anthony Magen "doyousee" April 06 - a cracked tv+md+dirty ole portable stereo linked in a chain... to tape anthony[ at ] urbaninitiatives[ dot ]com[ dot ]au desetxo80  9.5.2006      Mattin & Taku Unami "Zombie Computer Music" quicktime From Touring Inferno,Live at Arteleku 8th October 2004, Thanks to Xabier Erkizia "This is the best gig of my life" Taku Unami 7th May 2006 desetxo79 19.4.2006 Alexander Bellenger "Oh my vinyl!" bellenger_a [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] fr desetxo78 12.4.2006 Sarcomasine Bloc INTERNECINE SLAKES sarcomajoist [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com desetxo77 11.4.2006 Cristovam-Lacerda Duo Untitled - 12:06 Thelmo Cristovam: Trumpet & Drones Arthur Lacerda: Acoustic Guitar & Piezos Recorded live at Plano B, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. December 2004. Contact: thelmocristovam [at] hotmail [dot] com desetxo76 8.4.2006 Taku Unami Masafumi Ezaki manga michi desetxo75 5.4.2006 Iversen Vistehålås drøm short mix tibprod [at] hotmail [dot] com desetxo74 4.4.2006 DJ Amsia "decreto ley" djamsia [at] terra [dot] es desetxo73 2.4.2006 Sam Hamilton "metal fig" samukun [at] gmail [dot] com desetxo72 16.3.2006 Ben Owen Radio > in pt3 sounds from an fm radio transmitter sending its signal to portable radio and receiving it back through a mixer. desetxo71 14.3.2006 DJ Amsia Contencioso Administrativo tlf (0034) 655707752 desetxo70 14.3.2006 Alzheimer_Trio-live_at_gromka_I.ogg
Alzheimer Trio (Ljubljana/Slovenia):

Tomaz Grom - double bass, effects, electronics

Matjaz Mancek - electric guitar, effects, hardware

Marjan Stanic - drums, percussion

recorded live, 15.12.2005 in club Gromka, AKC Metelkova:

more Alzheimer info:

Thanx to: Will Guthrie, Ferran Fages & Jean-Phillippe Gross
desetxo69 14.3.2006
The tracks are taken from the very limited edition vinyl release (only 500 records) issued by ECSTATIC YOD (a collaboration between Thurston Moore's lable Ecstatic Peace  and Byron Coley's Father Yod) The name of the album is OPEN / OPENWIDE and it is number 4 in the CENTER OF THE WORLD / Center of the ass run series which included 9 different albums by different artists/bands. All the tracks on the album are free improvisations. Mouthcrazy are Sharon Gal: Voice & Electronics Justin Harries :Guitar & Electronics Richie Young : Bass & Electronics
mouthcrazy [at] hotmail [dot] com
desetxo68 14.3.2006 Joel Stern - DDtrumpet

recorded in brisbane august 2005 using pocket trumpet, voice, electronics
by joel stern
desetxo67 14.3.2006 Anton_Zalaparta gaitzikara recorded in seattle, wa on march 2006 by r.a. irisarri contact: desetxo66 2.3.2006                 TOUCH for 6 instruments

                Taku Unami

                recorded on 27th feb. 2006, Tokyo
desetxo65 28.2.2006 ps stamps back live at athens 05 suckerpunch [at] mailbox [dot] gr recorded live on the 3rd of november 2005. constructed for and performed at vinyl microstore using laptop, effect petals, toy generator and the various amplified-through-contact-mics surfaces of vinyl. desetxo64 28.2.2006 BELASKA
(Mark Wastell        &         Mattin)
 recorded at the squatted Porn & Danwoody Lifts Limited, March 2005
thanks for the people at Porn & Danwoody lifts unlimited.
desetxo63 26.2.2006 trans 2006 based on (urban, nocturnal) field recordings taken in madrid during the autumn of 2005 - special thanks to mattin. m.a.tolosa desetxo62 25.2.2006 ------------------------------------------------- The Seven Arts - "Data Streams" Data Stream I (8:21) Data Stream II (9:14) All sounds by Ed Howard, recorded February 2006 with modular synthesizer, vocals and computer. These two "Data Streams" are a response to the Internet as a medium of dissemination and communication, two ways of seeing (or hearing) the flow of information. Both tracks start from the same raw material -- a 10-minute improvisation for synthesizer and voice -- and use the computer to edit, add to, and reimagine this material. Data Stream I is a confusion of voices and information. Data Stream II may be an "ideal" communication, smoothed and toned down, all excess stripped away. contact: seven_arts [at] verizon [dot] net ---------------------------------------------------- desetxo61 25.2.2006 Comando Bruno cielo restaurador ep 1. climático 2. formatee 3. mi dueña, mi dueña 4. analav desetxo60 23.2.2006 nombre : Bazterrak titulo : M (Transformation IV) web o email : nada desetxo59 19.2.2006 artist : NANOFAMAS

name : "light surface #1"

tools : made with GNU/Linux OS (with Puredata, jackd, cinelerra)

licence : Creative Commons by-nc 2006

note: this is a video if you cannot see it use VLC

Standard nanorifle, the nanofamas is smaller than micro, few machines

architecture have a nanocode level below microcode.The next quantifier

below microassault is a nanofamas.

nanofamas [ at ] apo33 [ dot ] org
You are free:
  • to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work 
  • to make derivative works 
Under the following conditions:
. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. desetxo58 17.2.2006 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (delfines y frambuesas)-__ ________¨¨¨-__´´-_¨---------------------------------------------- .---pato-- audiogg collhashages fur gpl fur alle-tracks-___no rights, ._aSSgae_fucking-copylicking__________________________________ (pure data, buzz machines,illegal sound forge) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___________alaskalt.ogg (orangensaft und tabac) ____________zallen2.ogg (sexy legs,peanut flips) _____________plimka-plimko-plemkut.ogg (b+b+b=$) ______________la-habitacion-esta-muy-cerda.ogg(europa es una perra) text=los sabados era el dia perfecto para ir a ver los delfines y tomar frambuesas /els dissabtes per la tarda. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ desetxo57 14.2.2006 Lee Kwang Goh A Perfect Rain Download: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 sound sources: fieldrecording + computer error goh.leekwang [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

desetxo 56 released 14.02.2006

Josetxo Anitua
Cry Behind the Loop
desetxo55 a 10.2.2006 jeff gburek mass & momentum a desetxo55 b 10.2.2006 jeff gburek mass & momentum b MOMENTUM & MASS


bundle though accessible is not necessary nor adequate to describe)


need to periodically dismantle things,

things, the silence of a broken radio,

desire to receive inhuman signals


aura of ruined buildings, abandoned rail-road boxcars,

and tire-fire blazing in an oil-drum


baby carriage on its side with one wheel missing


recognition of some far off reserve of survivalist aggression

made it possible for (x) to be born,

shame over the (x)centrism of such violence


no one, asking for nothing, ow(n)ing nothing


a relation to people, moves across the relation to body,

authentic relation to body not established therein,

remains undefined in terms of an art form that searches for a genuine

which politics may come


pavlovian chains of movement


is silence inside a sound the weight of this


times the sound is the shield of a silence


masses spiraling the tattered topology






Merce   No

mercec [ at ] [ dot ] ar

desetxo53 3.2.2006

Joseba Irazoki-DO- mileskerDerek Bailey
jonddo27 [ at ] hotmail [ dot ] com
desetxo52 22.1.2006

Tomas Korber  D01+

desetxo 51 released 16.01.2006

By The Fiscal Provisionaries "Unjazztified Insolvencies"
recorded at the Lime Rotten House 16th Jan. 2006

desetxo 50 released 24.12.2005

Grabados de Oier Etxeberria

minimini [ at ] mixmail [ dot ] com

desetxo 47 released 14.11.2005

Radu Malfatti & Mattin
Tarcento 21th October 2005


La Motta

live at Casa Precario (London) 2th June 2004
Matthew Hyland-Guitar
Michael Morley (Gate)-G3

recorded by "          " [sic] Goldie
desetxo43-44 2.11.2005

Edorta Izarzuzaga ( Amplifier, guitar, bells.
Tusuri: Laptop, Thunder box.

Egun oso bat Artelekuko Audiolaben inprobisazioak grabatzen igaro ondoren(ia
ez ginen bazkaltzeko ere geratu), egindako grabazio ordu guzti horietako
laginak aukeratu eta antolatuz pieza-konposizio-abestiak(deitu nahi duzuen
bezala) sortzeko ideia sortu zen. Moztu, loopeatu, manipulatu, sekuentziatu
eta tripetatik atera zitzaigun guztia egin ondoren, egun hartan gertatu
zenaren interpretazio pertsonal bat egin genuen bakoitzak. Bi piezak hor
geratu ziren, Mattin-ek Desetxea-rako zerbait egitea proposatu zigun
arte(baina ez bioi elkarrekin, bakoitzari gauza desberdin bat). Bakoitzak
gauza berri bat egin beharrean iada elkarrekin egina genuena argitaratzea
pentsatu genuen. Soinu zikina dute oso(soinu txartel guztiz arrunteko laptop
batekin grabatu genituen inproak), eta Artelekuk duen reverb bereizgarria.

Despues de pasar un día entero grabando improvisaciones juntos en el
Audiolab de Arteleku(casi no paramos ni para comer), surgió la idea de crear
piezas-composiciones-temas(como lo querais llamar) a partir de seleccionar y
organizar extractos de todas las horas de grabaciones que hicimos. Cortamos,
loopeamos, manipulamos, secuenciamos e hicimos todo lo que nos salio de las
tripas, creando cada uno una interpretación personal de lo que ocurrió aquel
día. Las dos piezas quedaron ahí, hasta que Mattin nos propuso hacer algo
para Desetxea(por separado), y en vez de hacer cada uno una cosa nueva,
decidimos publicar lo que teníamos ya hecho juntos. Tienen un sonido muy
guarro (grabamos las impros en un laptop con una tarjeta de sonido normal y
corriente), y la reverb característica de Arteleku.

After one whole day together
improbising with music to record at the
Arteleku's Audiolab in San Sebastian (with quite a short lunch break), an
idea for creating pieces, compositions, songs (whatever you call it) emerged
throughout the selection and organisation of long hours of recordings we
had. Cuttings, loopings, manipulating, secuencing...we kind of did
everything we felt like, thus each one of us created a particularly
personnal interpretation of everything that happened that day. Both pieces
were sitting there. until Mattin proposed us to do a song for Desetxea. It
is then when we decided to publish what was already done. Sound is tatty,
(recorded by a laptop's common sound card) and with the carachteristical
reverb of Arteleku.

desetxo42 28.10.2005
Manolo "Pantera Negra en el Pais de la Libertad"

desetxo41 28.10.2005
La Grieta "Craso Error"
craso error el que tu tuviste al pensar que eres mas que yo
yo no quiero saber todo el daño que has hecho a la humanidad
tus padres se acuerdan de ti con arrepentimiento

desetxo40 27.10.2005
La Grieta "Totalmente Inepto"
recorded in Getxo on the 26th of October of 2005
vamos a ver cuanto tiempo duras
en esferas sociales que apestan
totalmente inepto sabes que no puedes llegar muy lejos
vamos a ver cuanto tiempo duras
en pensamientos de otros que solo quieren comerte
para mejorar la imagen de sus egos

A cuanta gente has intentado sobornar
ideologicamente para poder
ser interpretado como alguien importante

en cuanto vemos sabemos que no hay mucho que ver
veremos si alguien da mas de si MISMO

desetxo39 27.10.2005
Brown Sierra "Avenger"
desetxo38    6.10.2005 cortesia de  vud1
VUD1 "Amanda"

desetxo37 released 18.8.2005 
 "En Duo, En Crudo"  (live at the Foundry 27th March 2005)                                                                                                                      
Eddie Prévost - percussion Mattin - computer feedback

desetxo 36 released 10.08.2005

iturgitxi part 2

desetxo35 released 25.7.2005 
Sarcomasine Bloc                              Refluxur
Daniel Beattie            computer
"           " [sic] Goldie    drums
sarcomajoist [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com

desetxo33- 34 released 22.7.2005
La Grieta
Tu Sabado Huele a Chamuscado
Porvenir Desierto en Calidad de Consenso
porvenir desierto en calidad de consenso
recuedo el acierto que me dijeron
al decir que ya estoy muerto
por venir sin saber que voy hacer
me manipulan como quieren
sin que pueda retroceder
sin poder volver a mi propio ser
me desnudan de cualquier idea propia

si puedes armate porque el futuro se deshace
yo no soy el responsable pero no voy a dejar que me maten

a todo se le puede sacar satisfacion
y si tus ojos dejan de funcionar
no habra escusas para tu ceguera
y si tus orejas son aujeredas te habras dado cuenta
de todo lo que se puede pasar por ellas

y asi podras disfrutar de las podridas situaciones que nos ofrecen

recuerda: no existe la llave que nos abra el camino
hay que hacerlo y como en toda la historia
hay que hacelo a base de hostias

y si el miedo te sobrecoje
desiste en el intento y vuelve a la madre que te pario
vuelve al calor de una satisfacion temporal

desetxo32 released 22.7.2005 
Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra  Your Process Of Legitimisation
from the forthcoming album "Luxury",  recorded live at Public Life, July 2002
"            " [sic] Goldie - drums & vocals
Mattin- computer feedback

desetxo 32 released 21.07.2005

Roddy- vovals & guitar
Liz Matthews- drums
David Mitchel- guitar

E  V  I  L

desetxo30 released 21.7.2005

Billy Bao Get Them Down

Now you see that you are part of their fashion
Now you know you can be controlled
by entrepeneurs who get money out of your distraction
hey yo
Get Them Down
Give them all the pain you can

desetxo29 released 21.7.2005
Patxingo Desease Encarcelado en tu Sensatez

entre el reparto
de trabajo
te ha tocado lo peor
dedicarte a la cultura
cuando aun existe la trata de esclavos

encarcelado en tu sensatez
te desintegran  tu
panorama emocional
que no es mas que un cuadro
de fantasmas digitales

tu imaginacion puesta al servicio
de la maquinaria que destroza
las vidas de tantos y tantos

desetxo28 released 21.7.2005
Patxingo Desease Arrakando

despues de ser una manifestacion de otros
sabes que no puedes hacer
nada mas que esperar
les arrancaras ojos
de un ladrillazo
se le cortaran los dientes
con un pedazo de muerte

desetxo27 released 17.7.2005
Patxingo Desease Suicidio Universal

cuanta felicidad me ofreces
para que pueda ser igual que tu
y hoy yo me siento a recapacitar
sobre lo que ofreces
no hay mucho que decir
tu me matas dia a dia
y yo solo siento el porvenir
que me estrangulas
no hay mas que lo que tengo atras:
entre dia y dia yo salgo perdiendo
y tu te diviertes
en tus ojos encuentro el valor
que hace que pierda cuelquier tipo de satisfaccion
matame antes de que lo haga
matama antes de que lo haga:

desetxos22-23-24-25-26 released June/July 2005
La Grieta
Tragando Ratos Desorientados
Si, tu eres minimalista a la hora de pensar, tragando ratos desorientados una y otra vez

Y hoy encuentras que nada te satisface, y aun sigues y no eres el unico, Haz lo necesario para que te dejen  tu sin ellos no estas muerto, hay muchas cosas que hacer, tu res quien decide la direccion
Enroskado en un rincon, tu deshaces todo lo que yo hago, en tu mirada se encuentra mi perdicion y  hoy yo me acuerdo de todo lo que produces, y hoy yo me acuerdo de todo lo que tu dices y hoy yo me acuerdo de todo el dolor que produces

Recorded on the 5th of may 2005 in Getxo, Bizkaia. Recorded and edited using free software.
Hay que Matar (recorded on the 23th of June of 2005)
Otra escucha contaminada
hace que tenga la palabra
el cuchillo de mi navaja
que cortara tu garganta
Hay que matar
Hay que matar
Hay que matar
a todos aquellos que nos
quieran abusar

(recorded on the 23th of June of 2005)

desetxo21 released 14.4.2005
virsarkubpatsitons audic singular   kyro_aisth [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] co [ dot ] uk

desetxo20 released 14.4.2005

La Grieta "Hermana Hostiarecorded mono on the 5th of March, in Getxo
desetxo19 released July.2005

La Grieta "Vivo en un frigorifico"
desetxo18 released 18.2.2005

TimBlechmann  ''KMW''  (23MB 16'20'')
TimBlechmann [ at ] gmx [ dot ] net

desetxo17 released 7.2.2005

desetxo 17 released 07.02.2005

Mattin & Romuald Wadych

"Imaginaciones Podridas"
Recorded in London, April 2003

desetxo16 released 7.2.2005
Billy Bao "Bilbo's Incinerator"

desetxo15 released 7.2.2005
Sakada Live at Titanic ''        '' [sic] Goldie - Mark Wastell - Eddie Prévost - Mattin

desetxo14 released 22.1.2005
Sida-nosotros si que somos_criminal_es-Bego_na remixed

desetxo 13 released 22.08.2004

Mattin, I am the sun

desetxo 12 released 11.08.2004

Noé Cornago
recorded on tape between 1982-85

released for the very first time,
a real world premier from

desetxo11 released 8.5.2004
Foyu "oh Billy"
"Vive en tu universo particular, libérate, libérate.
No sigas corrientes, ni particularismos, sé tú mismo, sé tú mismo.
No seas cool, no seas culo, límpiate el mismo con las tendencias"
Te lo dicen las FOYU, que son muy listas y guapas. Comunícate con ellas en

desetxo10 released 24.4.2004
Anthony Guerra : 'get fucked'/ 'cb rock city'
anthony guerra : vocals, guitar, bass, drumkit
recorded february 2004 sydney australia

desetx09 released 4.4.2004

Taku Unami/Mattin
Chi Wo Suu Computer

desetxo 08 released 16.12.2003

 La Apuesta
contact: tzesne [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] es

desetxo 07 released 29.10.2003

Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz,
at the Klinker (London) 4th April 2002

desetx06 released 21.10.2003
ANTIchildLEAGUE "take it or leave it" mix 1
released 19.10.2003 

Annette Krebs
In the proccess of getting replaced

desetxo 04 released 20.09.2003

Tape Salad
"Both Hands All Night Long". 9'42''.

contact: Butterflied Lamb

desetxo 03 released 20.09.2003

Totsuka Yasuo - mixing board,
Yasunaga Tetsuro -laptop,
Dan Beban -guitar,
Nishide Takehiro -guitar
. Live at off site Tokyo. 17th July 2003. 9'28.

contact at:

desetx02 released 10.9.2003
Author: A.F.Krause
Title: welma
Format: MP3 / CBR 320 kbit/sec
recorded: August 2003

contact:softl music bismarkstrasse 70 50672 koeln  

desetx01 released 28.9.2003


live at Fluc, Wien 26.8.03

noid-chello mattin-computer feedback 11.1MB/12′11′