Opening / Launch Event
July 2nd, 2015
6 - 8 PM
Project Arts Centre
Dublin, Ireland

Continuous Drift is a new public sound installation by the artist Sven Anderson that is integrated into Meeting House Square in Dublin, Ireland.  The installation features works from 21 artists and collectives, including:

Bik Van der Pol
David Blamey
Karl Burke
Taylor Deupree
Russell Hart
Slavek Kwi
Brandon LaBelle
Danny McCarthy
Dennis McNulty
Garrett Phelan
Sarah Pierce
Raqs Media Collective
Steve Roden
Dawn Scarfe
Jed Speare
Wolfgang Voigt
Mark Peter Wright
Miki Yui

The launch event will feature a live performance by Miki Yui and the first edition of a set of Continuous Drift posters designed by Distinctive Repetition.  Those attending the event will migrate from Project to Meeting House Square where they can experience this installation for the first time.

Click here for more information about the launch.

Continuous Drift is a framework for different sonic atmospheres - created by 21 participating artists and collectives - that can be activated by members of the public via mobile devices to be played back from eight loudspeakers integrated in the four retractable umbrellas that cover Meeting House Square.  Situating itself as part sound installation, part outdoor sound art gallery, and part urban / architectural intervention, the project explores a new form of aural democracy set within the city.

Continuous Drift is an artwork designed and curated by Sven Anderson within Manual for Acoustic Planning and Urban Sound Design (MAP), a public art project commissioned by Dublin City Council. This work takes place as part of Interacting with the City, the second strand of the Dublin City Public Art Programme, and is funded from the Per Cent for Art Scheme through the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.