w.m.o/r 30
August 2007
CD edition of 200 in w.m.o/r and 700 Hospital Productions
Symphony for a Genocide

1     Treblinka
2     Auschwitz
3     Maidanek
4     Auschwitz (Reprise)
5     Belzec
6     Chelmno
7     Sobibor
8     Accop (6)
9     Sentimental
10   Anesthesie Total

Long-time coming re-mastered reissue of this legendary side from Maurizio Bianchi, still one of the central Industrial/experimental records to come out of the revolutionary underground tumult of the late-70s/early-80s. Originally issued in 1981 on Sterile Records this is a harrowing wake for liberal/humanist notions of humanity in the shadow of the Holocaust, with black tunnels of martial, mechanised analog drone, wailing alarm codes, primitive drum machines and conveyor belt rhythms marching inexorably into the heart of darkness. Alongside the TG 24 Hour box, the Broken Flag set on Vinyl-On-Demand, a buncha the Italian power electronic sides, Nurse With Wound's Chance Meeting and Whitehouse's Dedicated To Peter Kurten this remains one of the truly epoch-defining recordings and it still sounds every bit as disturbing and interrogating as it did the first time you ever encountered it. "The moral of this work: The past punishment is the inevitable blindness of the present" "Master work, true Industrial." - Dominik Fernow, Prurient/Hospital Productions.