52' 22''
c/ Crypt Vihara & Cristina Bosco
c/ General Diaz Porlier, 57, 3 C
Madrid 28006 Spain

Brutal noise coming from Madrid. What a luxury to be able to enjoy the good old power of
electronics pushed  to the limits for pleasure & sadism's shake!
This is not trendy music, it does not follow lines of contemporary journalism, it is energy trhown in to the recording equipment.
References to japanise underground sex culture and noise are inplicit in this recording. But also the anxiety of having lived under a pretty far right wing party for 8 years in Spain (and that is sadism without pleasure).

number 449
week 47

Hinyouki is a spanish noise duo, whose releases were reviewed before (Vital Weekly 296, 305 and 380). Whereas many of the w.m.o/r releases deal with noise in their own conceptual way, this release by Hinyouki is a kind of traditional noise release. Distorted noise, sources unknown, levels of effect boxes crancked up to ten, and all levels open. This is the sort of noise that I simply heard enough already, and already for ten years, that I find it hard to understand why Mattin would release such a thing. (FdW)
Address: http://www.generatorsite.com

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