w.m.o/r 04



BI RAK "ipurtagiri"

cdr limited edition 43

This cdr, the 4th to appear on the w.m.o/r label, presents a series of confrontations/dialogues between the improvising duo of Mattin (computer feedback) and Dennis Dubovtsev (soprano sax). Over the course of eight concise fragments, the two voices remain direct and distinct, rejecting the format's current sway towards ambiguity and microscopism in favour of a contrast and clarity of intent. The overwhelming impression is duel, embracing both conflict (in passages which are sharp and argumentative, tense and menacing), and critique (where the intensity of dialogue explodes, into abrupt finality or flashes of mimicry), and in the process produces a working model for electro-accoustic improvising duos which, in its lack of regard for caution or preciousness, obliterates the usual constraints of such a partnership. Joel Stern.

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