BILLY BAO: Accumulation
London, released 19 February 2008

Billy Bao - vocals
Mattin - guitar
Xabier Erkizia - guitar
Alberto Lopez - drums

listent to "10" (ogg format)

Recorded in three hours on the 23 September 2007 by Maikel at Mik studios in Bera
Mastered by Rashad Becker

Otra vez nos econtramos a Billy Bao adaptandose al formato, en este caso
en concreto al formato single. 10 temas de un minuto cada uno coprenden
esta accumulación de intensidad y mala hostia.
Empezando por la minimalista en plan art-punk "1" (una nota, una
palabra, un elemento de bateria, un minuto) y acabando en la
free-grindcoriana "10" donde Billy Bao ya no sabe contar y la cosa se
desmadra totalmente,
los temas se van sobreponeniendo, asi que en la "2" nos la econtramos
por encima de la "1" y el tema "10" por encima de "9", "8", "7", "6",
"5", "4", "3", "2", "1".
Vamos que para el final de este 7", lo único que quieres es quemarte
vivo en frente de las autoridades como lo hizo el rumano Marian Mirita.



AUSFLUG 30.4.18 1. Mai, Geld, Kapital, Marx

Ohne Geld Georg Kreisler
Lied vom Ende des Kapitalismus PeterLicht
Capitalism Crashed (Karl Marx RMX) AGF
Bodies For Money Gnod
Mother Idles
Their bank accounts increase Billy Bao
Mr. Marx's Table Wire
Work Life Balance Pisse
Benimmunterricht (Der Arbeitgeberpräsident) PeterLicht
Webt, spinnt, bohrt, dreht, baut, schaufelt Gitter
The sound of money being wasted Raymond Scott
Taking Stock In Our Pride Terre Thaemlitz
Moneymachine Ho99o9
All at Discount Savings CRC (Commercial Recording Corporation)
Money Is So Sad Alastair Galbraith
Dollar Day Is Here Again CRC (Commercial Recording Corporation)
Cırcuıtous Seda Mimaroğlu
The Revolution Will Have Been Youtubed #2 Nicolas Wiese
Money Langham Research Centre

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Comments and Reviews:

Collective Zine
by Stuart Schrader

Heaps of noise and feedback, insistent arrhythmic pounding, and desperate hot screams coalesce into a textured, deeply layered wall of sound that is more compelling than any of its more-or-less revolting constituent parts on this new 7" by Billy Bao. The concept behind the record is accumulation, as each track (uniformly 1 minute per track) adds an additional element--noise, voices, instruments. Accumulation is the engine of capitalism, and this record, which transforms accumulation into a sound, shows it to be as unpretty as one might expect. Perhaps the sound is meant to evoke the non-stop, bursting-at-the-seams chaos and disorder of Lagos, the place Billy tells us he began his journey. But of course no one, it is said, begins in Lagos; it's a place where people end up. It's a city that accumulates people and detritus, or people as detritus. If Billy managed to escape, it was only physically--because judging by this record, his spirit remains in the clinking, scrounging fetters of the megapolis. Less metallic than the recent 10", though still rather throbbing, this 7" is one of those uncommon records that you put on either to start or end a party, depending on what kind of party it is. Obscure referents: Demo-Moe, Z, Church Police, Agonia, SPK, Doden

Siltblog (USA)

And while's I'm on the subject of myths, the ellusive Billy Bao has hit for the vinyl cycle recently w/a lp, 10" & 7" all in the space of 6 months. I'll be goddamned if he ain't somethin of a modern day Matty Bower w/all that hoopla. But it ain't just the line formin to release work what's similar, to my ears Billy Bao's soundin somethin like a latter day Skullflower. There's also a bilge like fodderstomp that bring to mind Flipper or someone of that ilk too, 'cause on the 'Fuck Separation' 10" it feels like they meatballed Ted Falconi's guitar into a jackhammer & pulverized the Xaman lp into smithereens while the 'Accumulation' 7" hoists 'Brainwash' onto a petard, detonating it into a billion sub atomic particles that seem so toxic, you'd swear the air was filled w/a sinister amphetamine powder. Guess what? It isn't. Both of these most likely available from; or if your just lookin for the 'Accumulation' 7" try;
Tom Lax

The Wire #291 May 2008 (London)

It's been a few years since I heard this Nigerian expat guitarist's debut and, checking out his Website, it looks as though he's been pretty busy.
From the sound of this session, it seems he hasn't moved too far from his original artistic impulse, except in terms of refinement. The basic drive here is still fairly brutarian - a distillation of The Stooges noisiest essence into an aggressive, experimental perfume. There are ten one-minute tracks, each of howling slab of nada-hunch. Some seem to be sundered chunks of something bigger, others  fester like boils. Either way, the screams are liberatory rather than oppressive, and this feels like a kind of genius. Byron Coley

Volcanic Tongue (June 2008, by David Keenan, Glasgow)

Ferocious 10-track EP from this amazing new European free/garage/noise/punk quartet featuring Mattin and Xabier Erkizia on guitars, Alberto Lopez on drums and Billy Bao on vocals. Every track last precisely one minute and accumulates into some brutal car crash sonics. The kinda scorch these guys deal in seems to owe as much to Black Flag, The Germs, The Butthole Surfers and Half Japanese as it does to Hijokaidan/The Blue Humans et al. Totally mangled non-stop non-recognisable string burn is topped by explosive machine gun drums and lung-scraping vocals for ten pro-freedom torrents that re-connect your brain to your ass. Totally excellent.

Blastitude Blog (USA)

BILLY BAO Accumulation 7" (XEROX MUSIK) I already have mp3s of this but
when I saw it at Reckless I had to buy it in order to complete a Bao
trilogy of sorts along with the Fuck Separation 10" and the Dialectics
of Shit LP. All three records are great. With each one, the titles alone
begin a manifesto that continues throughout the design and concept and
words and is finished by the sound itself. Look at the way the
Accumulation concept presents itself: 10 tracks, 10 titles, each title a
little longer than the last, the titles printed down the front cover as
a concrete poem (see below). Each track is exactly one minute long with
a short break in between, and the music is wholly appropriate to the
increasingly harsh imagery in the song titles. At first it practically
sounds like Bao is bellowing vocals over a single pounding drum, but
each track gets progressively denser than the last one, bringing in more
and more guitars and noise and especially tormented vocal overdubs, you
know, a succinct and visceral illustration of the process by which
industrial and/or consumerist accumulation leads to self-immolation.
(Alternate title in my head: "The Ballad of Malachi Ritscher.")


ZGUN (USA, June 2008)

Billy Bao  Dialectics of Shit LP (Parts Unknown)
Billy Bao  Fuck Separation 10” (S-S)
Billy Bao  Accumultion EP (Xerox Musik)
Billy Bao shot to micro-stardom wit’ a bullet last year on the strength
of a stunningly powerful guitar-freakout 7” whose enormous sound was
only slightly mitigated by the virtual impossibility of tracking a copy
down. Well, here comes an appropriately apologetic deluge of what we
used to call in The Industry “sonic fuckery.” The mysterious
conglomerate that revolves around Mr. Mattin (no first names please) has
managed to hit all the marks, and not just on the level of mere vinyl
format (well, no 6” flexi releases … yet), while simultaneously
functioning on three almost totally distinct stylistic planes. In order,
from small to big: The 7” sounds like the EP that Harry Pussy never
released on the Bad Vugum label. It’s 10 short bursts of squall and
screaming that functions as the true successor to all those early 80s
hardcore EPs that packed a similar number of songs onto a single
platter; and it plays at 45 rpm! Apparently the theme of the record is
reflected in the title, in that the songs are supposed to pile up the
phlegm and sturm as the thing plays through but I have to say that until
I was told this it didn’t really register. Anyhow, it’s really fresh and
doesn’t get old fast, unlike “real” hardcore, soooo, next we have the
10” and here is something else entirely. Honestly. BB sits down in a
candle-lined, eggcrate-shrouded studio cave and just jams out two
sidelong modern stoner-metal-jamz that echo no band that I am currently
familiar with. I find myself glancing back over to my older Earth
titles, hell, their first couple of obscuro EPs, to find a similar
touchstone. I admit, I’m not up on indie metal moderne, but this No Wave
metal of Billy Bao’s is enough to make me think twice about my reflexive
boycott of Boris and Sun 0)))-- maybe I am missing something. If Greg
Ginn had heard this in 1984, we’d have yet another o/p SST product to
vainly scour the understock for, but this is available in the actual
here and now. And, upon closer listen, the title of the damn thing
starts to resonate, I think they are slowly combining and re-forming two
songs at the same time on this. Clever apes. Now I feel like I failed a
math quiz the first time a round, and now I’m going back over my
scribblings and spotting my errors in the polynomials. What-ev-er, the
concept is not as fascinating as the stuttering sonics anyhow, gimmie
another beer and fuck Mr. Whitaker-Connolly and his fucking geometry
proofs. Finally, their LP, of which the only truly negative thing I can
weakly conjure is that the title is kinda dum. On this record, Billy Bao
takes the No Wave that dominates the 7” and infects the 10”, along with
the metallic churn and the dead-lunged vocals, and adds another
dimension: They’re actually a noise band. A couple of tracks on this
have “imperfections” built into them, “skips” and harsh static and wot
not, that had me out of my stuporous languor and over to the rec player
in no time … fuckers. That’s way more upsetting than Whitehouse
instructing me to rape the next door neighbor’s 10-year old daughter
(purely conceptual critical trick there, since no actual children seem
to live in my neighborhood). But when Billy Bao isn’t making me blow
nonexistent fluff off my needle, they’re swamping my stereo with a
sickly twenty-generations-removed blues vomit that recalls nothing so
much as a Civil War-era hospital orderly absently humming to himself as
he gathers up hundreds of severed limbs for disposal. It’s violently
dissociative in the most life-affirming way, and the only rough
comparisons I can honestly make to are the much-missed Scando gorillas,
Brainbombs. All in all, these three releases are the early contenders to
make 2008 the Year of Billy Bao.  —RW

Etrange Ressac

Le compagnon idéal du disque de Minitel est à mon sens le 45t de Billy Bao “Accumulation” sorti sur Xerox Musik. 10 titres d’une minute, 5 par face. Une pochette noir & blanc qui dit tout sur l’absurdité de l’accumulation (tous les 45 tours chroniqués ici par exemple…). Dès la face B c’est la loi martiale, les bottes, le bitume, un grognement à peine étouffé dans un silence étourdissant. De plus en plus de bottes. Des tambours. Mais les grognements se font plus insistants. Face au mur. Au mur de la face B où le chaos est là. Les flammes, le désordre, la confusion sourde. Les voix graves, happées, criantes, se mélangent comme lave en fusion. Puis coulent, s’arrêtent, recoulent. Incandescence. Destruction. Billy Bao.

number 622
week 15

The fact that Billy Bao is a band is something that might not have escaped
you. It's the man with the same name on vocals, Mattin on guitar, Xabier
Erkizia on guitar and Alberto Lopez on drums. Ten one minute tracks on the
7" 'Accumulation', dealing with excess richness and the growth of capital.
Like a flow chart, the titles get longer and longer, until 'While Watching
Their Stocks Rise, Your Miserable Fucking Life Dies' - welcome to
politically inspired music. The band plays minimal strokes, but banging
rather than introvertly played, but don't sound like a punk band. Their
recording seems to be of an even more lo-fi nature than what is common in
this area. There is a very consistent element through running through this
music, with is more like a piece of 'art', than a 'political' statement,
despite what the liner notes try to tell you. Quite a nice piece of
gesamtkunstwerk. (FdW)

Mass Media Distro (USA)

Truly evil and chaotic "music", mind blowing improvisational hardcore
noise. This is more scathing than the new DYSTOPIA more brutal than any
grind I've heard, BILLY BAO puts it well..."there is no rewind button
for your desperation". Brutal and downright frightening.

Foxy Digitalis (USA)


In their music Billy Bao, a Bilbao-based band consisting of the singer of the same name, guitarists Mattin and Xabier Erkizia and drummer Alberto Lopez, blend harsh rock-informed noise with an explicitly political approach and rigid formal interests. This 7” on the Xerox Music label from London is concerned with the concept of accumulation, both as one of capitalism’s central principles and as formal principle that structures the release as a whole, its visual and acoustic aspects.

Each of the ten tracks, titled “1” to “10”, is exactly one minute long, with the music getting denser from track to track, just as the recording quality changes from mono on side one to stereo on side two. The first track presents a highly reduced repetitive structure and with each track a new element is added, so that the music gradually grows into dense blasting noise that ultimately drowns all structural remains (although supposedly still repetitive) in feedback and seemingly out-of-control guitars, percussion and vocal howls. Billy Bao’s vocal style is vehement, yet not outright aggressive but rather developing an effective theatricality with prolonged vowels and choked screams that render his grim statements even more urgent. He offers harsh, condensed prose, that drastically exposes capitalism’s (mal-)functioning, and crosses fatalism with imagined acts of hostility. By track three or four trying to understand the lyrics is futile, but they are printed on the cover, arranged in a chart, which illustrates that the number of words increases by one with each line and thus, of course, recurs to the principle of accumulation once more.

The musical intensity and conceptual coherency that distinguish this release as a whole result in remarkable energy. While totally occupying the listeners’ attention and flooding their perception with sounds it also allows, or even demands, the distance necessary for reflection. Billy Bao’s work is a noteworthy exploration of the possibilities of politicizing sound – drastic beyond fashionable signs of criticality (which of course doesn’t mean that fashion cannot or will not change).

Magnus Schaefer


Archienemigos del tradicional 4×4, los bilbaínos BILLY BAO aportan su pedrusco a la deconstrucción del rock con una seguna y sañuda entrega, esta vez Accumulation, single con diez temas de un minuto cada uno, cinco en mono y cinco en estéreo, en el que el ruidista cuarteto arremet con metódica ira, celebrando tupidops aquelarres que cual proclamas tribales taladran el córtex cerebral como Can en los momentos más enajenados de Tago Mago. Para muy pocos públicos.


Billy Bao bråker så du slipper

Billy Bao - Dialects Of Shit (Parts Unknown LP 2008)
Billy Bao - Fuck Seperation (S-S Records 10″ 2007)
Billy Bao - Accumulation (Xerox Musik 7″ep 2008)

Det er nesten ikke grenser; det formelig flasser på med ny, god rockmusikk! Rockmusikk fjernt fra indiesuttering, klisjebading og latterlige posørtakter. Det er som om postpunk/DIY-kulturen fra tidlig åttitall har blitt parret med SST og Guided By Voices ca 1995. Ut av dette kommer det en bråte band og artister som gjør gitarbasert musikk mer interessant enn på mange år. Jeg nevner i fleng The Hospitals, Eat Skull, Little Claw, Blank Dogs, La Otracina, Nice Face, Tit Machine, US Girls, Nothing People, Factums, Wild Gunmen, Pink Reason, Psychedelic Horseshit, Sic Alps, Times New Viking, A.H. Kraken, The Bad Trips - lista er vanvittig lang. I tillegg har vi stabler av band som dyrker en oppdatering av minimal synth/Suicide gruff som Bad Party, Fabulous Diamonds, Pink Noise og alle artistene på den glimrende samle lp’en Festival Der Genialen Dissidenten på Enfant Terrible labelen.

Hva har skjedd spør du ? Ikke om jeg vet, men deilig er det.

Og ikke nok med de ovennevnte; Billy Bao er nok et storveis orkester som har rammet hardt den siste tiden, snakk om balltre midt i planeten. Billy Bao spiller blytung, punkete rifforamma ala SST/Big Black parret med tunge noisedykk og skurrete, elektronisk mishandling med glitch og cut-ups. Bandet består av Billy Bao på vokal, Mattin på gitar, Xabier Erkizia på gitar og Alberto Lopez på trommer. Billy Bao har blitt beskrevet som den mest perfekte kombinasjonen av “art and threat” siden tidlig Pere Ubu. Et til tider svært originalt lydbilde gjør at du tenker; hmm, må lytte en gang til!

Det synes å være avantmystikeren og noiseduden Mattin som er lillehjernen i Billy Bao. Hans skjeve smil og “prankster”-ånd hviler over prosjektet. Ikke minst er den grunn til å ta røverhistoriene om vokalist Billy Baos bakgrunn med en klype salt.

All de tre utgivelsene som nå er tilgjengelige er mer enn nødvendige;

Fullengderen Dialectics Of Shit er en ramm reise i ti tre minutters (på sekundet!) låter, brygget på knirk, noise og punktrøkk med hysterisk vokal på syke tekster. Dialectics Of Shit fenger, fengsler og brenner lenge. Åpningssporet I am Billy Bao, Right Here Right Now! setter tonen med fullt øs før en tykk noisetåke stiger frem i lydbildet og voldtar hele sullamitten. Deilig. Første spor på andre siden You Get Me, You Get The Kicks! fikk meg til å sjekke om det bokstavelig talt var hakk i plata. Det var det selvsagt ikke, bare en endeløs repetisjon inn mot slutten av sporet.

Titommeren Fuck Seperation er enda bedre. To ti minutters spor som banker på det samme to akkorders riffet gjennom tyve samfulle minutter. Som om Spacemen 3 egentlig spilte punkrock og ønsket å drite seg ut så godt som overhodet mulig. Tung, insisterende, mantrarock som pirrer den ene hjernecellen du fortsatt har i behold.

Vi avslutter med syvtommeren Accumulation. Ti spor à ett minutts varighet. Totalcrash mellom punk og noise, full vernesko størrelse 46 rett opp i baken. Accumulation tar oss tilbake til virkeligheten etter Fuck Seperations audiofile mishandling.

Billy Bao er nødvendige.

The Swedish Nurse (London)

The ACCUMULATION 7-inch on a mysterious London label, XEROX MUSIK, is even more intense! Like it's bigger brother, this has five songs per side of an equal length. At first, wearing my blogging hat, I was impressed enough to think TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS! URINALS! but it weren't long before I was steeling myself, thinking "It'll only take a minute, then it'll be over". Sex! Vampire! Horror! Bat!!!

Rough Trade

billy bao are a gorgeously noisy rock-aktion combo lead by a nigierian expatriate and two spaniards. guitar, drums and vocals create a most primitively disturbed, overtly political kind of punked-out spectrum-dodge that will appeal to anyone who is interested in what billy calls 'the degeneration of rack 'n' roll'. there's feedback, scuzz and insane trumping and screaming for all. you'd have to place this on a virtual level with early boredoms or the brainbombs and that's one heckuva magnificent achievement. 10 one minute track 7" on new label xerox musik. the a-side is mono and the b-side stereo.


Bilbotik dator Billy Bao. Disko kontzeptualak egiten dituen R&R talde zaratatsua da. Gitarrak muturrera eramaten dituzte, bateria erritmo minimalekin lagunduta. Hala, Accumulation binilozko singlean, grind core-tik hurbil dagoen minutu bateko hamar kantu bildu dituzte, eta doinu guztiak bata bestearen gainean metatzen dira. Fuck Separation, binilozko hamar hazbetekoak, aldiz, diskoaren bi aldeetan banaturiko kantua jasotzen du. Gitarrek intentsitatez beteriko kantu amaigabea josten dute, mugak suntsitzeko.

- Julen Azpitarte -

#18 (Deutschland, by Magnus Schaefer)

Dusted Magazine

Billy Bao
Accumulation 7” EP
(Xerox Musik)

Pretty irritating little platter courtesy of our man from Lagos. Ten one-minute tracks, with side one only feeding into one stereo channel. Each successive track adds an element to the mix, until the end the “song” in question is completely obscured. Other of Billy Bao/Mattin’s output has had at least the essence of listenability. He/they don’t give a shit with this one, and I’d almost say it’s to their credit, only this is not the type of single you’ll want to play more than a few times.

Fucked by Noise

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Billy Bao

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, No Wave
For Fans Of: Coughs, White Suns, DNA, Swans, Boredoms

Billy Bao are a noise rock band who hail from San Francisco, and are named after their singer, who is apperently from Lagos, Nigeria. Cool.
Also the band have stated that they don't care about copyright, and ecourage bloggers (such as myself) to share their music. Cool x2.
Accumulation is a surprisingly accurate description for such an abrupt title. The structure for this EP is literally laid out before you on the cover - lyrics and all - with ten songs that begin and mono and converge into stereo at the middle. What isn't explained is that each song is only one minute long, and are practically identical - except each new track adds a new layer, tying in the theme of Accumulation. Neat, huh?
While hearing the same song 10 times may sound boring and a little futile, it really isn't - at least in the case of this EP. Building off the thumping bass and drum lines on the first track, each addition brings a new element of chaos to the mix - more guitars, more vocals, more drums and more noise just grinding against each other for sonic superiority. You're basically listening to this band become progressively more unhinged and manic as Accumulation progresses, and it begs the question - are they evolving or devolving with each passing track?

1. Accumulation
2. Of Frustration
3. Accumulation Of Capital
4. Their Bank Accounts Increase
5. A Revolution Detonates In Your Head
6. Bring Them Crisis, Fuck Their Future
7. Nothing To Lose, Your Future Is Fucked
8. There Is No Rewind Button, Your Future Is Fucked
9. Burning Your Skin In Front Of The Police Station
10. While Watching Their Stock Rise, Your Miserable Fucking Life Dies

Piero Scaroffi

contains ten grotesque surreal one-minute pieces, each a rhythmic refinement and beefed up version of the previous one with increasing psycho vocals. By the eight minute, there is only chaotic drumming, strumming and screaming, and the last minute is just random sounds without a real rhythm.
Il singolo Accumulation (2007) contiene dieci grotteschi, surreali brani da un minuto, dei quali ognuno è un perfezionamento ritmico e una versione rinforzata del precedente, con crescenti vocalizzi psicotici. Giunti all’ottavo minuto, c’è soltanto un caos di percussioni, strimpellii e urla, e l’ultimo minuto è fatto soltanto di rumori casuali, senza un reale ritmo.